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These shocking figures demonstrate the extent of the Met crisis

As the Metropolitan Police announced that it could take over two years to root out officers who have breached standards or failed vetting, Caroline Pidgeon highlighted the scale of the problems the service faces:

"These shocking figures once again demonstrate the extent of the crisis within the Met.

"Many people will also be asking the question: is two years fast enough, given the already significant damage to public confidence in the service?

Campaigning in Mid-Bedfordshire

Caroline Pidgeon campaigning in Mid-Bedfordshire with Emma Holland-Lindsay and Liberal Democrat campaignersCaroline had a fabulous Saturday campaigning in the sunshine with Liberal Democrats in Mid-Bedfordshire, supporting Emma Holland-Lindsay in the parliamentary by-election. The team got a great response from residents.

Political interference in academia would risk undermining public trust

Caroline Pidgeon has called for an investigation into allegations that deputy mayor Shirley Rodrigues asked one academic to modify the conclusion of a scientific report, and another to issue statements supporting the Mayor's policy on the ULEZ.

In the London Assembly, Caroline said:

"We called for an investigation at City Hall into what has or has not happened, in order that we could have more facts – because I think Londoners need to know the facts on this…

The Met must be allowed to review previous disciplinary processes

The Met will not be reviewing the decision to allow a high-ranking Scotland Yard officer to keep his job despite being found to be paying prostitutes, according to an answer provided to Liberal Democrat London Assembly Member Caroline Pidgeon.

In May this year, an investigation by the Evening Standard revealed that a high-flying Scotland Yard officer who has a key role in helping recruit women to the force was allowed to keep his job despite paying hundreds of pounds to use prostitutes.


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