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When home is a place of danger

Writing for Liberal Democrat Voice, Caroline discusses the increased risk to domestic violence victims in a time when there are restrictions on leaving home.

So what can be done?

Well to start with, at a national level we need a significant and immediate increase in funding for support services for victims of domestic violence. Local authorities have always struggled to provide adequate services, so any initiative to quickly tackle the rising problem must come from central government.

Supporting domestic abuse victims during this difficult time

For many people home can be a place of danger, rather than a place of safety. At Mayor's Question Time, Caroline asked the Mayor how we can ensure support for those suffering domestic violence and abuse during this difficult time, where lots of people are having to spend more time at home.

Making accessible and inclusive London transport a reality

Launching the London Assembly Transport Committee's report into accessible and inclusive transport, Caroline Pidgeon said:

"Everyone should be able to access public transport and London’s streets easily, comfortably and confidently. Yet we know there are many barriers, visible and invisible, that exclude disabled people, older people and parents with children.

"This report sets out how we can start to tear down those barriers.

Garden Bridge - defending the indefensible

Caroline Pidgeon criticised the Department of Transport for refusing to release a report into the abandoned £48m Garden Bridge project, claiming the need to protect a management trust that no longer exists!

Caroline said:

"There was repeated secrecy around the project from day one.

“This is truly incredible. After so many years of poor decisionmaking, it seems that instead of wanting to learn lessons from this doomed project, the Department for Transport just want to defend the indefensible.”


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