Video: Caroline launches her Mayoral campaign and focuses on childcare

London Live filmed the launch of Caroline Pidgeon's campaign to be the Liberal Democrat candidate for Mayor of London. Speaking at a nursery school in Islington, Caroline outlined her key priority of making childcare work for working parents:

Childcare in London is a really major issue - it's a real barrier for getting women particularly back into work. It's got a huge cost in terms of how much it costs for people to pay for it, for the hours they need.

It's also the availability - sometimes you can't get a place, sometimes you can't get the hours you need at the beginning or end of the day, or in school holidays.

There are no policies out there... no one is talking about this in a way that really will solve the problem.

We need to find ways to solve that and look at working with businesses as well to create part-time opportunities to enable women to go back to work rather than this brain drain from London's economy.

We know looking at the figures - 10% fewer women are going back to work in London than in the rest of the UK. That needs to ring alarm bells.