The Met's actions on the missing Daniel Morgan files are beyond belief

In the London Assembly Policing Committee, Caroline questioned the Deputy Mayor for Police & Crime and the Assistant Commissioner for Met Operations on the discovery of missing files relating to the Daniel Morgan Independent Panel.

The Met are still unable to explain why these files were locked in a cabinet for 9 years.

Caroline said:

“It is absolutely appalling that the Met only wrote to the family of Daniel Morgan one day prior to the press being told about the discovery of these documents.

“The Daniel Morgan Independent Panel’s report was all about trust, yet at every single step of the way Daniel Morgan’s family has been let down by the Met and based on what we have heard today it is still happening.

“And even after all of this, the Met is still unable to explain why these files were left in a locked cabinet for nine years. Documentation should be recorded and carefully handled. It is beyond belief that no one so far has been able to account for this.”

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