Mobile phone masts

Mobile phone masts seem to be appearing all over the Borough, and that includes our part of Walworth, with two recent developments off Manor Place. Many of these phone masts have what is known as ‘permitted development rights’ and therefore do not need the same type of planning permission, as any other development, such as a new building or an extension.

Your Lib Dem Councillors fought hard to stop the unsightly 15 metre high ‘lamp post’ mast on the corner of John Ruskin Street and Dale Road, along with two massive equipment cabins. Despite our best efforts, this was overturned by a Government planning inspector.

“We will work with residents where we can to argue that a mast is not suitable at a certain location, but this can be an up hill struggle when the planning law is weighted in their favour” said Lib Dem Cllr Caroline Pidgeon.

The Council will soon publish an online map which will show the location of every mobile phone mast in Southwark. “Local residents have a right to know where these masts are located and receive clear and timely information about any applications” added Cllr Jelil Ladipo.