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Mayor should use his power to ensure Oxford Street pedestrianisation happens

Caroline Pidgeon has given her strong support to the motion the London Assembly passed, calling for the Mayor to ensure the pedestrianisation of Oxford Street goes ahead, using his emergency powers if needed to overrule Westminster council.

Caroline said:

"Oxford Street will quite frankly die as a global destination for shopping if it does not adapt.

Save the RV1 bus

Caroline Pidgeon has joined local campaigners in Southwark in calling for the RV1 bus to run every 10 minutes again, after a recent cut left it running just three times an hour.

Caroline said:

“Before the Mayoral election Sadiq Khan promised that “as the son of a bus driver” he would be the champion of our buses.

Questions on fire service resilience

In February's London Assembly session, Caroline asked the Fire Commissioner Dany Cotton for a progress update on the fire service's resilience, role in counter-terrorism, and collaboration with other emergency services.


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