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The Police and Crime Committee looks at domestic abuse

Caroline Pidgeon and her colleagues on the London Assembly's Police and Crime Committee held a very important session on 30 October to review how to address domestic abuse.

The committee heard from organisations who work on domestic abuse about the challenges faced by victims and work that we can do, here in London, to support those who suffer domestic abuse. Domestic abuse is a real and growing issue and it is important that we look at new and innovative ways of tackling it.

Progress on affordable childcare is long overdue

Caroline questioned the Deputy Mayor of London for Business, and the senior leadership of the London Action Partnership (LEAP), on the serious issue of childcare on London’s economy. The lack of affordable childcare means we have the lowest maternal employment rates in any region of the UK.

Change is long overdue.

Vehicle scrappage schemes need to go further

At Mayor's Question Time, Caroline welcomed the Mayor's plan to improve the van scrappage scheme to include sole traders, but stressed the need to go further and include mobility credits as part of the new car scrappage scheme.


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